Potential Disasters

As terrible as natural disasters, they are far from the only potential environmental disasters for the economy and the lives of individuals. The global impact of rising food prices has become clearer and has affected even large food companies whose incomes suffer because consumers cannot afford to buy more food. No matter how much mone the Feds prints, the prices of the most important things-food and energy-continue to explode.  While internationally, dept and money supply in Asia actually performed better than the U.S., while credit growth in Europe was the lowest. In other words, there is evidence  of exploding inflation and economic downturn everywhere. No one can be sure that there will be no further global financial collapse that is worse than the previous one-so be reasonably financially prepared.

How to Prepare

If you are worried about what is happening in the world – the threat of economic collapse, environmental catastrophe or political catastrophe – your first question, in addition to how to physically survive, may be how to protect yourself. your wealth. One thing is clear – that in times of natural disasters or major economic collapse, traditional role-based financial capacity often suffers as the price of precious metals rises sharply. That, the real question is how to buy precious metals so they can afford it in the worst case.

USA as a Trading Economy

The first thing to clarify as a prepper is that you need to focus on physical precious metals, as ETFs and mining companies are likely to be worthless in a crisis like any other paper asset. However, even if your first instinct is to go for gold, gold may not really be the most expensive metal to hide, or certainly not in large denominations. In a situation of financial collapse, you must survive in a barter economy, so your metals must be suitable for barter

Preservation of Wealth

Another reason to buy precious metals in preparation for disaster is to preserve your wealth. If you have even more money to invest in, after taking care of basic security stocks and building a currency, it makes sense to buy some big denominations, so once you drop the dollar, you can easily switch to another coin. A mixture of gold and silver is also ideal – gold for low volatility and silver for greater profit potential. Many preppers also buy palladium for many technological applications that can be valuable in a post-disaster society.

Do it now

Obviously, no one knows when a disaster will occur, so the time to buy precious metals is now as long as they are still readily available. Of course, you need to make sure you have the right priorities, and first adjust your food, water, and shelter – without them, precious metals are less useful. However, there is no doubt that the more gold and silver you can build, the more you will increase your chances of survival and protect your wealth in the future.