Top 5 Best Silver for Preppers

The most popular silver for preppers are silver coins, silver bars and ingots, junk silver, jewelry and numismatic coins. Just keep in mind that numismatic coins are likely to have a higher value because they can be collected, not because silver on coins is more valuable. As a prepper, your best option is to buy unnecessary silver, whether in the form of coins or even jewelry, because they have their value based on the silver content and not because they are rare.

As a prepper, you have to buy silver in various forms, gold, coins, jewelry and junk silver. Most of your silver should be in coins, it is relatively cheap and in a SHTF situation you can shop with it much easier. Many preppers only invest in precious metals, the problem is that in the SHTF situation, most people do not have a lot of money or silver coins to give you a change if the price of the product is lower than the price of precious metals.

Silver Coins

These coins are probably the fastest way a prepper can start buying physical silver. They are easy to store and easy to get in your hands, easy to carry and very easy to sell or resell. The main reason why silver coins are so good for prepers and investors is that they are easy to sell. If you have several silver bars or ingots, it is difficult to sell them during a SHTF situation.

Silver Bars and Ingots

This is the most concentrated form of investing in physical silver, and if you are ready to escape coins and want to get a bigger hit for your money, you want to buy silver bars and ingots. These silver ingots come in many sizes of 1 oz, 10 oz, 1 kg, 100 oz and 400 oz, which is probably a great way for the average prepper to invest.

Junk Silver

Many people who do not know what unhealthy silver really is think that the value of this silver is less than the value of silver found in coins, ingots and bars. Unnecessary silver is simply an unofficial term for items made of silver, but its price depends only on the value of the silver and not on how unique or how good the actual item is made. The term junk silver is somewhat misleading because many old quarters, dimes and nickels were issued before 1964, which are in fact valuable because they contain 90% silver.


It is an interesting way to buy silver and few people buy it this way, but it has huge advantages over other forms of silver. In some parts of the world, jewelry is a form of storage that has been used for centuries. It’s so easy to carry, which means you can fly out of a country full of $50,000 silver jewelry without having to print it.

Numismatic Coins

Never buy numismatic coins, there are many shadow companies in the industry that try to get new investors to pay a lot of money for so-called unique numismatic coins, which even at a distance have no value as their asking price. It’s also difficult to sell and even if you sell it, you can’t make a profit. New numismatic coins appear every year, mostly made of silver, because they can be sold so quickly.


As you can see, there are many ways to discuss too much, depending on your budget you should start with coins or junk silver. Silver coins are easy to sell, because the value of silver will grow, no matter what happens, it is a good investment not only for preppers, but also for people who just want safe and tangible assets.